Vicious Devotion: A Why Choose Captor Monster Romance (Paperback)

Vicious Devotion: A Why Choose Captor Monster Romance By Aveda Vice Cover Image

Vicious Devotion: A Why Choose Captor Monster Romance (Paperback)


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Her pack is destroyed. Her Alpha is dead. All that Pheir has left is rage.

According to the Conclave, that isn't punishment enough. For her mutiny, she'll be married into the enemy Timber pack and forced to abandon her old loyalties.

As far as Pheir's concerned, being held captive is just a hitch in her plot for revenge. She will find a way to bring her former leader back from the dead. If the Timbers try to stop her, they'll learn what happens to people who get in her way.

But the Timbers aren't as united as they seem.

Even outside of Alpha Lev's newly-assigned marriage, there's tension between her most trusted officers. Aren and Caius are diametrically opposed, yet the three of them keep finding their way into each other's beds.

Adding their rival, Pheir, to the mix is fuel to the fire - but the more they learn of their entwined histories, the less they recognize each other.

What if they aren't the people they thought they were?

What if digging for each others' weaknesses unearthed their own?

What if the restless feelings they have for each other have developed into something other than hate?

Warning: This is a MMWW romance between three werepeople and a harpy. It is intended only for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Content advisories are listed in the book's front matter and on the author's website.This book contains spoilers for the book Inextricably Tied.

**The paperback version of Vicious Devotion includes the prequel, Bound **

Product Details ISBN: 9798985004267
Publisher: Aveda Vice
Publication Date: March 8th, 2023
Pages: 586
Language: English